With a never ending list of changes, your practice is bombarded with daily details that can be expensive, time-consuming and frustrating. Practice Authority sifts through all the regulations, billing issues and fee changes which allows your practice to concentrate on what it was designed to… the patient.

Using a state-of-the-art database system, pre-loaded with every CPT, ICD10, locality indices and up-to-the-moment fee schedules, Practice Authority calculates exact insurance payments and allowables as well as tracks and reports variances on claims.

That is just the beginning, with a comprehensive CPT reference and Cross Coding/Cross Linking wizards built-in, you can optimize your claim process with little or no expertise and electronically send claims directly to the your major insurance carriers with just a few mouse clicks and without a single clearing house fee or stamp. In one year that could save a single physician practice upwards of $10,000.

With an included integrated EHR, connected directly to the insurance claims and the patient appointments, Practice Authority becomes a completely cohesive tool. A tool that…

  • tracks patient and physician referrals
  • keeps a running optical and supply inventory
  • calculates time clock entries and payroll
  • automatically posts ERAs and secondary claims
  • displays physician productivity via RVP
  • watchdogs insurance variances and errors
  • validates claims for over 100 common mistakes
  • organizes office assets
  • and much more!

Built and designed by the Ophthalmologists who use it, each client in the Practice Authority consortium plays an integral part in the development of every feature which results in benefits that can only be described as inspired.

Quite frankly, Practice Authority is the most
comprehensive practice management solution ever developed. Developed by you for you!


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